Nice to meet you…

Social media is 24/7 … and everyone has the opportunity to stand out and be an influencer.

It can be overwhelming to navigate the rapidly changing landscape of the social web.  Charyn listens to your goals to determine which social media platforms will best connect, engage and influence your online audience.

Charyn brings solid communication skills to your business, honed through more than 16 years of experience in traditional journalism and multimedia writing. As an expert and natural-born networker in the food, travel and lifestyle industries, she’s developed trusted professional contacts throughout the West Coast, as well as around the world.

She curates compelling online content that educates and entertains customers, as well as creates targeted social media programs to amplify your brand across multiple platforms. In addition to community management, she identifies monitoring streams specific to your business using strategic keywords, reaches out to audiences when it’s appropriate, and writes SEO-friendly copy to help your message reach its maximum potential.

Whether you utilize Charyn’s services as a standalone option or integrated with a traditional marketing and PR campaign, she will get your brand in front of the right audiences, build long-term loyalty, and most importantly, drive ROI (return on investment) back to the business.

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